High gain antennae for communications & radar

Unlike existing designs, CASSIOPeiA is a phased array with negligible mechanical pointing requirements. One of the leading causes of mission loss is a satellite losing attitude control. Our design improves system reliability and upset recovery by maintaining the high gain communication link.

Long considered economically non-viable, CASSIOPeiA's outstanding specific power combined with the current and planned re--useable launch vehicles now makes space based solar power not just environmentally friendly, but economically preferable.

CASSIOPeiA can be launched onto various orbits to collect sunlight and efficiently convert it to a safe beam of microwaves, directed to a terrestrial rectifying antenna ('Rectenna'), feeding into the local power grid.


This is a renewable, carbon-free system that could augment and eventually replace traditional terrestrial power stations.


Air to ground microwave power transfer, offering predictability irrespective of weather and location, using both existing and planned stratospheric station-keeping platforms.


The platform attitude can be optimized for solar collection, without regard to typical phased array pointing.


Uses include emergency relief and strategic energy clients.


Point-to-point geographical power transfer to otherwise inaccessible locations.


Power beaming to mobile devices, including wearables.

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