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International Electric Company



IECL is an independent, British-based designer and manufacturer of innovative engineering solutions, with focus on wireless power transfer & renewable energy.

Headquartered at Harwell Innovation Centre in Oxford, UK, our team works globally promoting sustainable solutions and introducing our innovative designs, including CASSIOPeiA (patent GB2563574 granted, further pending).


Under the leadership of Chief Engineer Ian Cash, a key vision is to provide terrestrial and aerial beamed power solutions. Our longer-term aim is to enable grid-scale zero-carbon energy through IECL’s unique space solar power concept. We intend to provide gigawatt-scale renewable energy delivered direct to the point of need.

Ian Cash


Setting a new standard.


With decades of experience in electronics design consultancy to the automotive, aerospace, defence and energy industries, Ian brings a wealth of sector skills & expertise.

Ian's recent paper “CASSIOPeiA – A New Paradigm For Space Solar Power” is receiving international acclaim.

"It's an exciting time," he says. "A new frontier for power generation."

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