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UK government commissions research into space solar power stations, including IECL's concept

Solar energy harvested in space offers the potential for an unlimited and constant zero carbon power source. A pioneering government-backed study into CASSIOPeiA, and other concepts, will help shine a light on the possibilities for a space-based solar power system.

IECL Chief Engineer Ian Cash to assist Frazer-Nash Consultancy UK govt-backed space solar power concept study

The UK Government has commissioned systems, engineering and technology consultancy, Frazer-Nash, and global forecasting and quantitative analysis company, Oxford Economics, to carry out an independent study into space-based solar power (SBSP), assisted by IECL Chief Engineer Ian Cash...

Giant solar power station in SPACE could generate energy for Britain.

The UK government has ordered research into a multi-billion pound solar satellite: the British prototype called CASSIOPeiA would be a mile long and weigh 2,000 tons.

A Secret Space Plane is Carrying a Solar Experiment to Orbit

IECL's Ian Cash talks to about the anticipated launch of the US Air Force's secret space plane, X-37B, for a long-duration mission in low Earth orbit.

'CASSIOPeiA – A New SPS Concept'

Ian Cash, of SICA Design Ltd (design arm of IECL), presented a new Solar Power Satellite (SPS) concept during the Space Solar Power Workshop of the IEEE WiSEE conference held in Montreal.

'Space-based solar power: the new space race'

Today’s agenda for space is no longer focused on merely getting there. The modern space race is about getting the engineering in place to exploit space-based solar power (SBSP). But how will energy be beamed back down to Earth without breaking the bank?

'Space race to power the final frontier'

There is currently a big buzz around space-based solar power (SBSP) in R&D departments and space agencies around the world. The reality of affordable, safe SBSP seems to be getting closer by the day, and there are a number of different systems in development that have the potential to deliver SBSP within a couple of decades…

'New Under the Sun: Power-beaming CASSIOPeiA Satellite'

A new Solar Power Satellite (SPS) concept has been advocated and dubbed CASSIOPeiA, short for Constant Aperture, Solid-State, Integrated, Orbital Phased Array)...

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